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Our menu

I nostri piatti


The restaurant

Maurizio Barbero, the owner and chef of the restaurant, carefully chooses the ingredients available according to the season in order to serve traditional dishes from Piemonte and the Langhe, that are prepared with care, passion and expertise.


From the classic Piemontese dishes like hand-minced raw meat, cold veal with tuna sauce, sweet peppers rolls, Russian salad, small flavoured flat breads with cold cuts or vegetable pudding with fondue to the more sophisticated ones like puréed cod, rabbit terrine and the young rooster salad.

First courses

While staying here with us, you must try our home-made pasta prepared with the organic flour coming from the mill “Mulino Marino” in Cossano Belbo. You can taste our traditional egg tagliatelle, known as “tajarin”, the typical “ravioli del plin”, or the potato gnocchi, the fondue and spinach ravioli and one of our specialties: the maltagliati (an irregularly cut egg-and-flour pasta, maltagliati means 'badly cut') with leeks and gorgonzola cheese.

Main courses

Shin of pork, roast meat or braised beef (coming only from Piemontese cattle) are always present on our menu, along with rabbit with taggiasca olives, duck cooked with Moscato d’Asti and honey, wild boar with polenta, baked lamb and the guinea fowl in Chardonnay and rosemary. Mushrooms and Alba white truffles are available according to the season.


Don’t miss our hand-made desserts: “bunet”, typical Piemontese pudding, the hazelnut cake with Moscato d’Asti cream, the chocolate salami, the apple pie, the crème brulée, hot chocolate muffin or the nougat “torrone” parfait.

Our wine list

Our cellar is well-stocked: you can find all the great wines of Piedmont together with the wines produced by some small companies of this area and also some wines coming from other Italian regions.


You can choose between à la carte or the taster menu.

Taster menu

€ 32,00 (4 starters chosen by the chef, 1 first course and 1 main course by choice, dessert) drinks not included; À la carte menu:
Starters € 6,00/8,00
First courses € 7,00/8,00
Main courses with side-dish € 10,00/15,00
Dessert € 4,00

We would be delighted to create bespoke menus for weddings, birthdays, events and corporate dinners.

Opening hours:
Lunch from 12.15 p.m. to 2.00 p.m.
Dinner from 8.00 to 9.30 p.m.
Closed on Sunday evenings and on Mondays.